The Southern Australia Livestock Research Council (SALRC) has announced the call for nominations for the 2022 Awards for Excellence in Southern Australian Livestock Industries.

The annual SALRC Awards have been developed to recognise, reward and celebrate excellence in the contributions of individuals to research and development, extension, communication and practical application of innovation on farm, to improve the profitability, productivity and sustainability of the Southern Australian red meat and livestock industries.

The SALRC Committee will co-ordinate the nomination and selection process, which includes four award categories (Livestock Producer; Scientist/researcher; Communicator/extension specialist; and Young achiever – 35 years or under).

Nominees must have excelled in their individual fields and must have either resided or spent a substantial amount of time in Southern Australia while they excelled in their particular field. This must be relevant to sheep meat and beef cattle industries in Southern Australia. Overall nominees will be judged on; value of their work to the Australian Livestock Industries; work carried out above and beyond normal duties; the standing of the nominee in the Australian Livestock  industries; the degree to which the nominee has been a change agent; and the degree to which the individual has been an industry leader / mentor.

In announcing the opening of the 2022 SALRC Awards, SALRC Chair Ian Rogan said “SALRC is proud to encourage and recognise excellence in our livestock industries and the research and advisory services that contribute to innovation and productivity improvements in these industries that are so important to our country’s economy and environment”.

Nominations must be from a third party (i.e. no self-nomination). Award nominations close 30 June 2022. Award recipients will be invited to attend an event SALRC are hosting on 6/7 September 2022.

For more information download a copy of the nominations kit or contact SALRC Secretariat on 03 5341 6100 or email