SALRC was delighted to host Livestock 2020 online over three days in September last year. Over 100 livestock producers and representatives of research and development service providers for the livestock industries participated. Keynote presenters identified the big challenges and opportunities facing the sheep and cattle industries in southern Australia over the next 10 to 20 years. Having identified the future challenges and opportunities, the forum then explored how research and development organisations, the private sector and industry organisations might collaborate and co-invest to deliver the desired outcomes.

SALRC is now in the process of following up with relevant RDC’s and R&D providers to identify areas where we can progress the potential actions that were raised at the conference across the five priority areas identified. Click below to download a copy of additional information on the five priority areas that were identified at Livestock 2020:

 Animal Health and Wellbeing – Livestock 2020

Climate change, emissions and environmental sustainability – Livestock 2020

Eating Quality – Livestock 2020

Increasing Productivity -Livestock 2020

People capacity building and retention – Livestock 2020

 We will continue to provide updates on outcomes from the Livestock 2020 conference and we would welcome any feedback on the priorities or suggestions for progressing these.

For more information about Livestock 2020 contact the SALRC Secretariat at