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Livestock 2024 is the third biennial conference delivered by SALRC and this years theme is environmental challenges and opportunities for Australian livestock industries.

Location: Atura Hotel, Albury NSW

Date: 21-22 August 2024

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Livestock 2022 Conference

Conference Theme

“Environmental challenges and opportunities for Australian livestock industries”

The conference will focus on three themes, as outlined below. Each themed session will include keynote speakers and group workshop activities. The outputs from the workshops will be the identification of actions required to verify the key environmental components which livestock producers should be targeting with their property management, how these environmental components could be monitored and reported and what R&D investments may be required to support these initiatives. 

Theme 1

Improving land air and water

  • Understanding carbon neutrality targets and emissions reductions on farms
  • Clarifying key measures for soil, air and water health
  • Trends & metrics for biodiversity and other biophysical elements of sustainability

Theme 2

Solutions for Human Capacity

  • Increasing the skills and knowledge amongst livestock producers and service providers to enable adoption of sustainability practices and monitoring of outcomes
  • Increasing awareness in the general community and in our meat markets through credible reporting of sustainability targets and outcomes achieved

Theme 3

Economic considerations and market impacts

  • Creation and management of systems to collect, verify and communicate data arising from sustainability initiatives
  • Attaining value-based marketing of Australian meat products. Promoting the environmental credentials of our industry to access and secure price premiums in key domestic and international markets
  • Understanding impacts on productivity and economic performance on farms of adopting sustainability targets

Conference Outcomes

  • Identification of key practical, and scientifically credible, components of environmental sustainability on Australian livestock farms and throughout the meat supply chain
  • Research, development, extension and adoption needed to verify sustainability targets, their impacts on productivity and establishment of credible monitoring and reporting processes to meet the needs of both producers and red meat customers
  • Understanding the economic impacts, on farm and in our markets for meat, of implementing sustainability best practice to meet community and market expectations
  • Identify the training and advisory/support services needed by livestock producers to implement sustainability best practice and monitor outcomes.

Partner with Livestock 2024

Do you want to work with new or more leading red meat and livestock producers? Does your company want to contribute to the Australian red meat and livestock industry research and development agenda?

Livestock 2024 is a great opportunity to enhance and increase your commercial and knowledge partnerships.

The Southern Australia Livestock Research Council (SALRC) is seeking partners for the Livestock 2024 Conference. The attendees will be drawn from  leading livestock producers and providers of service to livestock industries across Australia.

Click below to download a copy of the sponsorship package, or call the SALRC Secretariat on 03 5341 6100.

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